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Sunday, August 22, 2010

DIY Saint Costumes

We have lots of "Do-it-Yourself" saint costume ideas!
I try to add more each year as my kids grow.

Click on the pink image to see the girl costumes
and the blue image to see the boy costumes.

Click here to see a list of the Catholic games we have played at our All Saints Day parties.


  1. All your costumes are great, but really excited about the St. Therese costume!!! My girls are marching in our town's Halloween parade with the rest of the Little FLowers and they are dressing as St. Therese. What did you use for the white head dressing part?

  2. Hi Chip! It was actually a white hood. I cut it off of an old white sweat shirt and tied it at the back of her head with a hair tie. She is also wearing a turtleneck with the arms and bottom cut off for the white around her neck.

    I had made another St Therese costume years ago for one of my older daughters she just wore a wide white headband across her forehead. It worked but the hood looked a little better!

    God Bless! And best wishes on your parade!! It sounds like fun!!! I wish I could be there!!

  3. I love everything you do Jennifer!! I am linking your All Saints post too!! : )

  4. These costumes are cute and they don't look too difficult to do. They remind me of the ones we used to wear in Christmas plays when I was younger.

    The models look quite happy to be in their own unique costumes. I hope you all had lots of fun at the parade.

    I like the costume that depicts Joan of Arc as well. It gives girls a positive role model.

  5. Hello! My small parish is embarking on our very first (hopefully to become annual) All Saint's party this year. I was wondering if I could have permission to link to your site for costume ideas on our parish website. It would be nice for the parents to have access to some easy and great ideas! Thank you!

    1. Hi MomBryan, Please, feel free to link to our site! The images and ideas are meant to inspire other Catholics and help them as needed. I pray you have a wonderful faith-fulled party! God bless.


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