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Sunday, May 08, 2011

Making a Crown for Mary during the Month of May

Making a floral crown for a Marian statue

Often, we like to make a crown of flowers for our statues of The Blessed Mother during the month of May. Making a crown can be a bit tricky, but this is the easiest way I found to make one....

You will need:
~variety of artificial flowers – appropriately sized for the statue you are crowning
~cloth ribbon – enough to tie around the statue's head
~the statue you would like to wear the crown
~hot glue

Tie the ribbon around the statue's head and knot it in the back.
Cut off the extra ribbon.

 Hot glue the flowers onto the ribbon,
 start from the back sides and work to the front of the crown.

You may use a bottle or bowl of similar size (instead of the statue) to hold the ribbon while you glue on the flowers. This will help you avoid getting glue on the statue. Place the ribbon back on the statue's head occasionally as you add the flowers just to check how it's fitting and looking.

 Mother Mary, Pray for us!

God bless,


  1. What a fun blog! I teach 1st grade religious education classes—yup, going on nine years—and I’m always looking for great activities and craft ideas. I’m a new follower for you, and you’re a new resource for me! Keep’em coming...

  2. Thank you, I just got Mother and grotto and I am going to make one of these😁

    1. I also made one for Mother Statue I have on my dresser :-) Turned out Beautiful, thank you :-)


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