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Saturday, May 07, 2011

Mary's Heavenly Grotto/Altar ~ Craft

Elizabeth and I made an altar for the Blessed Mother for the month of Mary.
Unlike most Marian May Altars we tried to make it look more like Mary is in Heaven.

First we took a cardboard box; cut, shaped, and taped it into a grotto that fit our Mary statue:

Then we covered it with aluminum foil, secured it with clear shipping tape  and made a oval sun inside of it using permanent orange and yellow markers.

We decorated it using flower shaped craft gems along the outer edge.
Then, we added polyfill to the outside to create the look of heavenly clouds.

The heavenly shrine for Our Lady turned out to be a fun and beautiful project!


  1. Very nice! I made one out of wood for a statue I bought for my grandma. I am planning on making a smaller one tomorrow for a statue of Mary. Good job!


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