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Sunday, May 15, 2011

The feast day of St Isidore ~ Garden Sign

St. Isidore's Garden Sign and Prayer
A  Short Story about St. Isidore
St. Isidore, who worked for a farmer, would go to Mass each morning but the farmer he worked for threatened to find someone to replace St. Isidore because he kept coming to work late.
The next day St. Isidore went to Mass anyway and to the surprise of the farmer, an angel was seen tilling the field with two white oxen!
The farmer then allowed St. Isidore to go to Mass before starting his daily duties.
Dedicate your garden to the saint who is the patron saint of farmers.
St. Isidore's feast day is May 15, which is the perfect time of year for planting and starting a garden!
**Just don't expect the angels to do your weeding while
you're at Mass!
Click here for printable page
Print the image, cut it out, and laminate it. Be sure the laminating is properly sealed around the edges so the rain cannot damage it. Then attach it to a stake or hang it on a gate or post at the entrance of your garden.

(If you are using nails or staples to attach the sign, puncture only the clear laminated areas where there is no picture. Otherwise, the rain may damage the picture through the small puncture holes.)
Make your own St. Isidore garden sign with wood and non-washable paint!
St. Isidore, intercede for us!


  1. This could not have come at a more perfect time. We just redid our front yard and I now have a large patch of open space to plant a garden. This will be a wonderful piece to add to it. Thanks for linking up to my Father's Day Link party.


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