Friday, June 10, 2011

Marian Artist Trading Card Swap

Here are the cards my girls received in the mail from the Marian A.T.C. Swap:

Rachel received:

Top Left: By Grace B. Age 12
Top Middle: Raya Age 12 From England
Top Right: Emily N. Age 12 From VA
Bottom Left: Grace Marie Age 12 From WI
Bottom Right: Laurel Age 12
Here are the cards Rachel made and sent:


Rebekah received these:

Top Left: By Arianna Age 11
Top Middle: Jacqueline H. Age 12 From GA
Top Right: Megan Age 12
Bottom Left: Kylie Age 11 From OK
Bottom Right: Mary Kathryn Age 12 From OR
Here are the cards Rebekah made and sent:


Elizabeth received these:

Top Left: By Jamie Age7 From TX
Top Middle: Lisa Jane Age7
Top Right: Elise Age 7
Bottom Left: Eliza Age 7
Bottom Right: Saxon M. Age 7
Here are the cards Elizabeth made and sent:

Hannah received these:

Top Left: By Ella Age5 From KY
Top Middle: John Paul Age5
Top Right: Eamon Age 5
Bottom Left: Mariela Age 5 From SC
Bottom Right: Noah Age 5
Here are the cards Hannah made and sent:

Thanks to
 Kimberlee at Pondered in my Heart
for hosting this card swap!!


  1. Thanks for sharing this post. I think this is an incredible idea. How great that your children were able to participate. Good job mom!


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