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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Jesus in the Eucharist ~ Monstrance Art Project

I have already added our "Jesus in the Eucharist ~ Body and Blood Craft" to help teach kids about the true presents of Jesus in the Eucharist. This Monstance Craft is a different variation of the same idea using a image of the Blessed Host in a monstrance.
 Pick which variation of this craft you like best based on the topic you are teaching.
Children who are preparing to receive First Communion may be better
to do the Bread and Wine Craft:
Click Here.
Children who are learning about Adoration or Holy Hours
may be better with this Monstrance Craft.....
Click Here for printable monstrance and host.

Clear tape
Printable Monstrance and Host - Click here
Sheet of construction paper for the background (blue or black look nice)
Decorative items like glitter/glitter glue, gems, sequins, etc.
Crayons to color the Monstrance. (yellow, orange, & red)

Extra Idea...
Print the Monstrance sheet onto yellow paper and cut out. (No coloring necessary.)
Another Extra Idea...
Use the Monstrance sheet as a coloring page and add your decorations. (This is nice if you hate cutting.)

Instructions:If you are not using this printable as a coloring sheet, cut out your Monstrance. Color it if you did not print them out on colored paper. Glue the Monstrance onto the construction paper.
Now decorate the Monstrance with the glitter, gems and sequins or whatever else you choose.  You may also decorate the construction paper background, if desired.
Glue the Jesus resurrected circle on to the Monstrance's center circle. With a small piece of clear tape attach the Eucharist to create a door that opens to reveal the image of Jesus.


  1. Oh my!! Our Little Flowers meeting is this Monday and this will be perfect. We are doing Joy this month and I was having a hard time coming up with a craft. Since the saint is St. Clare of Assisi, we'll make monstrances instead. Certainly Joy in Jesus!!!


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