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Friday, August 12, 2011

St Jane Frances de Chantal ~ Printable Children's Book

This printable book is a wonderful way to reinforce the virtue of "Love of Neighbor" to children. It is a short story and is illustrated with silhouette pictures.

I've also added a few ideas for the kids to do to help others, as well as, a fun and simple art project. This book would also be perfect for "Little Flower" members when doing the virtue of "Love of Neighbor"  

St. Jane Frances de Chantal's Feast day is Aug 12.
(It was moved from Dec. 12)

Fun Art Ideas:
After reading this printable book to your children/class, you may like to do these art projects:

Draw a silhouette of yourself helping someone or
entering Heaven's shining light.
Make a book of your own about a saint and illustrate it with silhouettes.

Note: A silhouette is kinda like a person's shadow. When drawing a silhouette draw just the outside edges of the person and fill it in with a dark gray/black color. You can also use black paper to cut out a silhouette.
You can learn a lot about a person by just seeing their silhouette.

Another fun idea: If you are doing this with a large group, secretly draw a silhouette of each child's head. Have the child sit on a chair, using a bright light, cast their shadow onto a wall and tape a large sheet of paper on the wall with the shadow. Then trace the shadow onto the paper. Have the group try to guess whose picture is whose by looking at the silhouettes.

If you wish, the children can use the head silhouettes to draw the picture of them helping someone. They could also use it to write down a few ways they have helped or want to others.

 May God bless you with love, compassion,
and understanding of each other.


  1. I had this marked on Pinterest but forgot about it!!! We did this for Little Flowers last month, but I'm still working on their badge so this is perfect!! Very nice job - Jill


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