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Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Saint Winifred Costume

Rachel wanted to be Saint Winifred.
Saint Winifred was attacked by a man who wanted her to do sinful things, but Winifred fought against him. Her attacker cut off her head and instantly his feet were unable to move! When Winifred's uncle, St. Beuno, came he restored Winifred's head. She instantly came back to life. Her attacker immediately dropped dead.
 This very interesting saint sparked that unusual personality in our oldest child.

Read more about St. Winifred


  1. LOL, I had to do a double take after seeing all the sweet saints above. This is awesome!!! I'm definitely going to have to share this with my kids. Great one!! Jill L

  2. Rachel is quite an interesting character. If I had to pin any of our kids as the "Class Clown" it would be her. She knows how to get all the other kids laughing. She likes to do things her own way and it's normally very unusual! :-)


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