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Tuesday, November 01, 2011

St Elizabeth of Hungary Costume

Hannah is St Elizabeth of Hungary.
And she's just happy the dress is comfortable! ;-) 
She's wearing a simple velvet robe with a decorative collar.
 She's carrying a basket of flowers and foam bread (from the Dollar Store)

Her crown and headcovering were simply a headband with shear material hot glued onto it.
The headband was already decorated with gems when I bought it at the Dollar Store, but if you had a plain one you could add gems to it.

Hot glue the center of one edge of the material to the headband's underside:

She wore it like a tiera, and it kept the material on her head very well!


  1. This is so easy!!! Working on plans for our church to walk in the Halloween parade. We will be marching to 'When the Saints Go Marching In'. Got to get lots of ideas for the kiddos and parents to make costumes.

  2. Oh that is soooo fun!!! Your church does so many fun things!! :-) Maybe I can post some pictures of your event if that's okay with you and everyone! Just to help inspire other Catholic Churches! God bless you and all those little marching saints! ;-)

  3. Thank you for this...it has been a huge help for us for our Saints Parade this week!


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