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Tuesday, November 01, 2011

St Philomena Costume and Symbol Craft

Rebekah chose Saint Philomena.
A favorite of hers!
She is wearing a store bought Greek costume with a white shirt under it for modesty.
We made the anchor, arrows, and lily

We made the anchor from 2 wire hangers and duct tape.

First shape one of the hangers into an anchor shape
and wrap it in duct tape.
Add part of another hanger and wrap it in duct tape, too.
Finished Anchor

Add the accessories:
The arrows are made from straight sticks, arrowhead shaped gray felt, hot glued into the ends, with red marker "blood". The feather ends are made with brown felt cut into 1 inch by 2-3 inch pieces. (3 for each arrow) Cut fringes into one edge and hot glue the other edge to the sticks.

The lily is made the same way we made them for our St Joseph's flowering staff project. Click Here (Made with a yellow pipe cleaner, a green pipe cleaner, white paper and green paper) or just buy a fake lily.

Attach the arrows with string and the lily with a green pipecleaner:

We all love it!!


  1. thanks for the ideas im going to be her for trunk or treat (t) :) (-) (g)

  2. Thanks for these awesome ideas! :) (h) (t)

  3. I'm using this for my child's costume

  4. I'm using this for my saint project! Thanks!


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