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Saturday, November 26, 2011

The New Liturgical Year - 2011 ~ Color and Learn!!

Welcome to the new Liturgical/church year! 

I found this great Liturgical calendar printable at Family-Centered Living.
Visit them for this awesome printable!

I printed off uncolored copies so my kids could color in the correct color for each day. It gave a good opportunity for them to learn the meanings of the colors and explain why the priest wears the colors he does. And when we found some "out-of-place-colors" on the colored Liturgical year calendar we looked it up on our saints calendar to see which saint it was that created the color change. (Exp: St. Joseph's feast day is white even though his feast day is during the purple season of Lent)

Different Colors, Different Meanings:

The priest vestments are a specific color at Mass depending on the seasons of the year and the feast days.

Worn on the Feasts days of Our Lord, the Blessed Mother, St. Joseph, the angels, and those saints who were not martyrs. Also after Easter, up to Pentecost.

Worn on Pentecost, and on the feasts of those saints who are martyrs.

Green is worn during ordinary times, after the  Epiphany to Lent, and after Pentecost to Advent, except for the special feast days when red or white is worn.

Worn during Advent and Lent, except for the special feast days when the red or white is worn.

Worn on the third Sunday of Advent

For a more detailed explanation of the vestment colors visit Everything Vestment

It was a fun way to teach and learn the meanings of the vestment colors! Now my kids like to tell me what color our preist is going to be wearing!

Hoping you all have a blessed new Liturgical Year!


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