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Saturday, February 11, 2012

Fill Your Heart with Virtue ~ Ring Toss Game

This ring toss game would be a great game for an All Saints Day party or St. Valentines day!!
This is a good game for big and little kids. It's not as easy as it looks!

You will need:
2 liter bottle (empty)
sand to fill the bottle
wooden dowel rod (about 2 feet long)
painters tape or duct tape
clear shipping tape
red and black paint
rings to toss (or large plastic lids)
cardboard (for hearts)
labels for rings and heart
hot glue

To make the heart, first place the dowel rod in to the top of the 2 liter bottle. Add the sand to the bottle, but be careful to keep the dowel rod as center as you can while adding the sand.
Use the painters tape or duct tape to tape up the top of the bottle and wrap the tape around the dowel rod to secure it.
Paint the whole thing black.

While that dries, cut two hearts that are big enough to cover the bottle. (Need one for each side).
Paint them red.

When the bottle and hearts are dry hot glue the hearts to the bottle. Add the label on to the heart.

Now cut out all the ring labels and use the clear shipping tape to tape them onto the rings.
( I bought my rings at the dollar store, but if you can't find any rings at the store you might be able to use some large plastic lids from oatmeal or butter containers. Just cut the middle out of them.)

Now, let the kids toss the rings to see how many virtues they can add to their heart.
If they get two in a row onto the heart have them take a step back!

God Bless!


  1. That's such a cute game Jennifer! If I had more time I would try and put it together and use for tomorrow. I did want to tell you that I'm using one of your ideas for my first graders in tomorrow's class. I linked back to you here:

    Thank you for your generosity and kindness!!

  2. Thanks Noreen! I'm sorry for my delay....life gets busy! ;-) Maybe you could make a large paper or cardboard heart to lay on the floor and throw beanbags or other items with the virtue labels on them? That could be fun! Hope your class has fun with the craft! God bless.

  3. love this idea. that big red heart is so cute!

  4. The kids had fun with it! And I had fun making it!! ;-)


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