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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Fire Safety Books for Kids to Illustrate

I created a Fire Safety book for my 3 oldest kids a few years ago, and I dug this file out of "moth-balls" for my two third-graders. When my older kids illustrated these books they had a blast!!  So I'm hoping Elizabeth and Joshua will enjoy this. too!

How does it work?
Well, as they/you read through each page of the book the child can add an illustration to each page.
 This will help them to remember the rules of Fire Safety.
My three oldest, Rachel, Rebekah, and Jacob, just couldn't quit laughing as they drew funny pictures for this book!

Yes, they take fire safety seriously, they just like drawing crazy pictures!!
It's always good to make learning and work fun!
Fire Safety Book for Kids to Illustrate
It's a Free Download in our Shop!

God Bless!

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