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Friday, March 09, 2012

The Trinity is Like a Shamrock ~ Fun Pepper Stamping

Here's an activities I was able to squeeze in on a morning when my older kids were out and I was alone with my younger "bored" kiddos. My sister had just given me some peppers and with St. Patrick's day just around the corner I thought I'd take the opportunity to talk with them about the Trinity and then try this stamping craft I found on Pinerest last year. The pin was originally from www.lestout.com.
(Don't you just love it when the timing works out and you just happen to have the materials you need?!?!) ;-)
Materials you'll need:
Pepper with three bumps (like a clover)
green paint (I used acrylic/craft paint)
green paper
scrap paper or old bowl to hold paint
knife to cut the pepper

green glitter (optional)

Cut the bottom off the pepper. Make sure the cut end is flat and will sit without rocking and has no gaps if it's set on a flat surface.
Add some paint to a piece of scrap paper or old bowl and spread it out so it's a larger area than the pepper and be sure it's kinda thick. Dip the cut end of the pepper into the paint. Make sure all the edges of the cut area are covered in the paint.

Now "stamp" it!
My kids had better luck if they gently pushed down and gently wiggled the pepper at the same time.
With a small paint brush and some of the green paint they added stems to each clover.

They had lots of fun with this simple art project!

I thought, after ours had dried, these would have been a little extra fun if we would have added a bit of green glitter while the paint was still wet. It was too late...maybe next time!

St. Patrick pray for us and God bless.


  1. Thanks for all the great posts you added to the St. Patricks Day Blessings linky!

    This one is so clever. I wonder who first looked at a bell pepper and thought "There's a shamrock." I'm thinking I may use green bell peppers as part of dinner on St. Patrick's Day too.

  2. Gale,
    Whoever the first person was that thought of this was very clever indeed! Thanks for the comment and have a blessed St. Patrick's day! ♣


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