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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Crafts and Decor for the month of Mary!! {Link-up Party}

♥ I just love May!!! ♥
Aside from the fact that it's the month of my birth, it's just a beautiful time of year! It's the perfect time to host celebrations in honor of our Blessed Mother! 
Here are a few crafts which I posted last May
{I hope to find the time to post a few new things this May!}

Mary's Heavenly Grotto 

Mary Among the Flowers 

 {Printable flower pattern and pictures}
Lots of neat Marian pictures!

Mary Flower Collage
 {Click here for instructions}

Baby Mary w/ St. Anne ~ OR ~ Mother Mary w/ Baby Jesus
 {Click Here}

Mary and Jesus Watercolor Practice

Now it's time for a Link-up Party!!!
 For: The Month of May, Mary, and other
Everyday Catholic Craft and Decor Ideas
The Rules:
  • Only faith-centered ideas which can be used to help create a more spiritual Domestic Church.
  • No items for sale
  • Link to me on your blog/post so others can come and join in too! You may use one of my buttons if you like, or just make a text link of your own.

I do plan to open another Link-up Party at the end of May for June!
I'm looking forward to seeing all your awesome ideas!
 God Bless!


  1. I love all your Mary crafts, Jennifer! what a great idea to have this Link up party.

    1. Thanks Gardenia, and thanks for linking-up too! God Bless!

  2. I am bookmarking this post... lots of great ideas! Happy weekend! +JMJ+

    1. Thanks Mom2Seven! May you and your family have a blessed weekend, too!

  3. I was blessed to attend Mass at the Basilica of the Assumption in Washington DC last week, and they had SO many beautiful depictions of Mary there -- I'll have to put some up on my site.

    Beautiful crafts you have here! Thanks for linking up!

    1. Wow, that sounds like a wonderful Pilgrimage! I'm sure it was very inspiring! I'd love to see your pictures!!
      God bless!

  4. Hi Jennifer,
    I hope it's ok...I added my Paper Rosary Garland and Spiritual Bouquet. It is highlighting the Cathletics Craft Kit that I have just expanded and released (and sell), but I know the crafty Moms out there will be able to just make their own based on the ideas I presented. I hope it doesn't break the rules of your link-up. =)


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