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Thursday, April 12, 2012

First Communion Banner {Number 2}

I thought some of you might like to see the banners that my kids had done for their First Communion. 

This banner was designed and created 5 years ago by my second born daughter, Rebekah.
She LOVED to paint so she used acrylic paint on a green sheet of stiff felt. 
Since she was only 8 years old, I used masking/painters tape along the edges of the items so if she accidentally went out of the area she was painting it would still be straight. The tape was a life saver on this project! (Note: the lighter colors needed a least 3 coats of paint) 

 Rebekah made the rays around the cross and Host using a glitter glue stick. She added red glitter to the drops of blood and blue glitter to the drops of water She also added a sequin string and gems to the chalice.

We used Sharpie markers along all the edges of everything to make it look a bit neater. We used a dark purple and black sharpie marker to make all the individual grapes, brown for the wheat center, and green to add the leaf veins.

We hot glued a dowel rod to the back and tied on a string so we could hang it!
She did a great job!

Want to see more banners?

Looking for a few templates?

May God bless you!


  1. Jennifer,

    Your children's banners are beautiful! They must take after you in the crafty creative department. Not to say that your hubby isn't artistic but I know you are!


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