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Monday, April 23, 2012

St. Joseph the Worker ~ Chore Chart and Prayer for Kids

St. Joseph is one of my favorite saints! If God picked him to be His foster-father he must have been an amazing man! I'm sure he worked tirelessly to care for Mary and Jesus! I imagine he often had sore arms and splinter filled hands while he lovingly worked to provide all he could for his family. That's an inspiration to me! We are meant to work hard for God. All our efforts in life should be for Him -just like St. Joseph!

Often, kids have a hard time stopping from playtime to do chores, but chores are very important for kids to do. It helps them to learn responsibility and consequences. Chores can also teach children important life skills that will help them to care for themselves in the future. If each child helps and does his or her tasks it will help to bring peace and order to the home and family life.

This chore chart includes a prayer:
Dear God,
Sometimes I have trouble doing the chores and other jobs I'm asked to do.
Help me to remember how St. Joseph worked hard each and every day. 
Protect me from the temptation to be lazy and disobedient. Give me the grace
to be a humble servant to my family and the world just as St. Joseph did.

To view the Chore Chart and Prayer - Click Here

This chore chart has a section for writing the names of jobs/chores/responsibilities. Then there is a section to check off that the job was done properly. A completed chart can be an opportunity to reward the child with something special, like a treat, an allowance, a night out with Mom or Dad, a loving hug and kiss, or whatever your family feels is appropriate.

This chart will work best if it is laminated.  You can write in the responsibilities before you laminate it or use a wet-erase marker to write them on after it's laminated. (Using a wet erase marker will allow you to change the list occasionally.)  Use removable stickers or a wet-erase marker to check off when the chore is done. You can also add magnets to the back of the laminated chore chart to stick it to the fridge. If you can't laminate: clear, smooth, shipping tape or contact paper is a fair substitute for laminating.

**Don't forget these crafts which you can make to help 

celebrate the Feast of St. Joseph:
St. Joseph's Flowering Staff and a Story
St. Joseph's Image on Wood ~ Craft

St. Joseph, pray for us!
God Bless!


  1. Love the prayer and chore chart! Beautiful idea. Thank you.

  2. I think the craft with wood might be a good idea as a Father's Day gift for a grandpa that has everything! I'm bookmarking this! Peace +JMJ+

  3. I love St Joseph as well! Thanks for linking up to Saints and Scripture Sunday!


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