Saturday, July 28, 2012

Catholic Blogs Link-up ~ Feel free to add yours!

I'm opening this link-up because I thought it would be fun to see a few new Catholic blogs! 
Okay, keep in mind I'm a homeschooling mom of 9 and I have very limited time to surf the internet or blog hop. So this is just a fun link-up I started to collect Catholic blogs. 
I love seeing other faith-centered blogs, but I don't get around much, so feel free to list your 
Catholic blog here. Hopefully I can pop over and visit.
Please, drop by these other blogs and say "hi" to them, too!

Rules: Just Catholic Blogs which are in-line with the Church's teachings. That's it! 

Feel free to link back to this link-up if you wish to, but it's not necessary.... ~ Catholic Crafts and more!
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Update (July 29, 2012):
 Don't forget about the Catholic Blogs link-up (like I did) at The Catholic Bloggers Network!! 
Head over there and add your blog to their list too!

19 visitors left a comment:

Jamie said...

ooo fun thanks for hosting! I don't post all Catholic stuff (lots of motherhood stuff) but I do occasionally and love my faith above all else!

Can't wait to check out these other Catholic bloggers!

For Love of Cupcakes

Gardenia said...

Thanks for doing this Jennifer!! what a great idea. I'll be cfhecking out all these blogs!!

MCH said...

Saw this post via Pinterest, what an awesome idea--thanks for putting it into action! Can't wait to get to 'meet' some of these wonderful ladies :)

Patty said...

Thanks for bringing all these Catholic blogs to my attention. It is always refreshing to find so many new and Catholic blogs out there. God bless!

Tracy said...

Thank you for linking up such great Catholic blogs in one spot! I definitely think having authentic Catholic blogs and Facebook Catholic blog pages on the world wide web is embracing the new evangelization that Pope John Paul II taught :) I look forward to linking up this page to my own blog for my own reference! God bless! Tracy at "A Slice of Smith Life"

Elisa said...

Jennifer, thank you for this page and for adding my blog. It is wonderful to have so many blogs listed in one place and I look forward to exploring them.

Xhonane Olivas said...

Thank you for the link up!! I just added mine : ) I have much to catch up!! Have a blessed summer!!

noreen said...

Wow Jennifer! That's quite a list of Catholic blogs all in one place! I'm guessing there will be many I know and a number of them, that I do not. Thanks for bringing everyone together!

The Jones Family said...

Hi, I just found your blog and am now following! I am a strong Christian (not a Catholic) but I love your blog and look forward to following more of your posts. You have a lovely family that you are raising strong in your faith and I salute you! I love reading about families in which the parents are raising the children to love the Lord Jesus Christ. God bless you!

Nancy said...

finally got around to linking up! Also, I am nominating you for the "sunshine award" Stop by my blog for details and the icon!

Love seeing what you are coming up with!

mary333 said...

Hi Jennifer,
You have the best ideas! Love it!! Thanks for adding my blog in!
I'm looking forward to reading these blogs. I've been on some of them but there are a lot I haven't heard of.
I hope you and your family are well :) My blog break has been going on for too long and I miss visiting all my friends online!

Laura Dorothy said...

Please support my blog, by liking my facebook page!

Chris said...

Thanks Jennifer, for creating this list!
Have a wonderful day...
God bless,
Chris at Campfires and Cleats

Amy Polak said...

I added my site. Thank you! I already had your site listed as a recommended site, so it's cool you have this!

Michiline Igayemi said...


How do i add my blog.. I like this blog alot...pls help

Mich :-?

Jennifer Marie said...

Hi Mich,
Thank for asking... Just click on the blue and white "Add Your Link" button. Then fill out the information it requests. It'll ask your name (name of blog), the blogs URL (web address) and your email address. Then hit the "Next Step" button and it will load a collection of images from your blog and you need to pick one. Then follow the other steps as needed.
It's not too hard, but confusing at first!
Thanks for visiting! Hope to see you again! :-)
God Bless! said...

It says linkup closed :(

Kim said...

Oh, I missed the cut-off, but here is my blog!

Lee B said...

Hello my brothers and sisters,

I have recently started to author a blog called . I am a Marian Catechist in formation, and part of my formation process involves an active participation in catechetical instruction. I am in my second year of advanced catechetics through the Marian Catechist Apostolate in Lacrosse Wisconsin. Our founder is Servant of God Father John Hardon, and our current Director is His Eminence Cardinal Raymond Burke, Prefect of the Apostolic Signatura. I am trying to provide a blog site that is less geared towards another opinion, and more focussed on what The Catholic Church truly teaches. I will provide short, but thorough catechesis on all subjects Catholic, starting with The Apostles Creed. Working through all twelve articles in a systematic, ordered way. All material is available for reprint, to be copied, forwarded or used in anyway to help advance The Truth of The Church, please just give a mention if doing so. I welcome questions and comments also. Also part of my Catechetical activities are facilitating Holy Scripture study on Saturday nights at our families local Parish in Ontario Canada. So, it is not all Doctrine, I also study Holy Scripture. I believe it is essential today for Catholics to be very familiar with The Holy Bible as well as the timeless teachings of The Church. Last of all, my name is Lee Bastings, and all I hope for is the salvation of souls and conversion of sinners, myself included. May Jesus and His Holy Immaculate Mother, Bless us all.

in JMJ,


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