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Friday, October 12, 2012

A few more DIY Costumes for you...

My three youngest girls and I had a day of fun playing dress-up. 
They were trying to decide who to be for All Saints Day this year. 
It was a tough decision!! 
We had a few fun costume ideas that I thought I'd share with you.

St Dymphna
(Helper of those with mental illness)
She's wearing a royal-ish dress (She was a princess), 
a crown and veil, and she's holding a sword and a book.  
Read about this saint here

St Dorothy
(Patron of gardeners)
Our little St. Dorothy is wearing a simple dress with a shear pocket. 
The pocket is full of roses and apples. You could just put the roses and apples in a basket, if it's easier.
She is also wearing a rose and ivy wreath on her head, secured with hair clips. 
Read more about this saint here.

Our Lady of Mount Carmel
Our Lady Of Mount Carmel is wearing a dark brown robe, a light brown clock, 
and a white veil and crown.
She's holding baby Jesus and a scapular
Read more about Our Lady of Mt. Carmel here

St Lucy
(Patron for eye sight)
St. Lucy is wearing a white dress, with a red sash. On her head is a evergreen wreath with red roses and candles. A red ribbon was used to tie the wreath to her head and under her chin.
(In honor of St' Lucy's day)
Read more about this saint here

I have a few more I will be adding in the next week or two...
Till then, God bless.


  1. Jennifer! Those are AMAZING costumes. Love the creativity and your model, boy, she makes them all so cute ;)

  2. Thanks Patty!! There are actually three models there. -I've been told many times that my daughters all look alike!! ;-)
    I'm excited to share the next few costumes that my kids and I have been happily working on! They are looking awesome!! (All Saints Day is a bit like Christmas at our house!!!) So please stop over during the next week! I hope to have time to post at least one Sunday night! God bless!


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