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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

St. George and the Dragon ~ Costume

Saint George is often pictured slaying a dragon. Read more about St. George here.
My oldest son is St. George and daughter #4 is the dragon.
Okay, I had a very hard time getting a serous picture of these two, they wouldn't quit fighting!! ;-)
But I thought you might like to see these crazy kids!

The dragon costume was bought a second-hand store many years ago, 
but my son carried his stuffed dragon to the All Saint's Day Party

About the St. George costumes:
The silver/gray armor was bought, but the cloak is just a piece of red material.
The "skirt" was hand made. 
I used a old belt, and leather-like material which was cut into strips to create this Roman apparel.
Super-glue worked great for getting the two leather-like materials to stick together.
The white under skirt was just a piece of white material. 

I also create gold circles on the skirt strips.
I used a cap to make an indentation on the end of each flap, so I could use it as a guide to make them all the same size. Then I used gold fabric paint to make the gold buttons.

Other soldier saints include:
St Sebastian
 St. Martin of Tours
Click Here to see this costume

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  1. Very nice site :) I need to make costumes for my two boys. They picked St Patrick and St. Longinus (whose clothes resemble St George.) I was wondering where you found the Breast Plate, Helmet and Sword?

    1. Hi Lori,
      I bought our shield many years ago on Oriental Trading, but they don't seem to have it anymore.
      So I looked it up on Amazon and found one the same and I found one similar...

      Similar - with a dragon instead of a cross:

      There is a number of other kinds on Amazon too:

      I hope that helps!
      God Bless!


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