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Friday, December 28, 2012

Printable Nativity activities, coloring pages, cupcake toppers, and more!

Hi all, 
Happy 4th day of Christmas!! We have been celebrating this Octave of Christmas (the 8 days of celebration, starting on Dec. 25) by making little nativities! I would normally make cookies, but I had my wisdom teeth removed 4 days before Christmas, and now they are infected, so I can't eat much. The little sprinkle balls and nuts that we typically would add to the cookies would not be good to get logged  in the holes in my mouth!! Funny thing is, this is the first Christmas I've lost weight and didn't gain!!  ;-) 
Because Christmas cookies will have to wait a week or two, we are sticking with making crafts -mostly nativities - I thought I'd share a few of the resources I found:

Daily Coloring Pages has some great Nativity mobiles and dioramas!
My daughter, Elizabeth, created this Nativity diorama from their site:
It's really neat!
Go check out all their fun activities. 
They have several to pick from...

Activity Village  has this neat little Mobile

Scrapbook Scrapbook (no, I didn't studder) has this great printable nativity

Craftaholics Anonymous  has free finger puppets you can color.

Bible Fun for Kids has this printable Nativity to use as puppets on sticks.

Monica at  Little Jesus and Me  has shared her talent by creating these beautiful coloring pages:

 I love this one! Isn't it sweet!

Nativity Cupcakes

Prepared Not Scared is offering these printable nativity images / puppets and a complete play/script for kids to act out the story of the Nativity! We used the set on our Christmas Cupcakes!!!
The kids loved them!!
***Click here to read more about them.

Hope your Christmas season has been full of joy and peace!

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  1. What a great list of resources Jennifer! Thank you for sharing them. I've had my wisdom teeth taken out long ago. I remember the uncomfortable feeling afterwards. Praying for a quick recovery so you can bake away! And enjoy the samplings!

  2. Noreen, My wisdom teeth came in late, I was 28 before my wisdom teeth grew in! The dentist was shocked. He said he never saw wisdom teeth come in so late! They pushed my front teeth around, too. I waited to get them taken out, because I was pregnant so often after they came in. A few weeks ago they got infected and God told me it was time to get them out!! So I'm "old" compared to most people who get the teeth removed. It's been a rough road, But I'm glad it's done... I just have to figure out how to recover!! The infection is only making it harder, but thankfully no dry socket! And yes, it is one crazy feeling at the tooth sockets! Thanks so much for any prayers! I'm looking forward to the baking! Blessings!

  3. I love all these ideas. I particularly love the cupcake idea! I will have to send this idea and the others to my sister-in-law.


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