Thursday, January 30, 2014

Candlemas ~ The Presentation of our Lord ~ A list of Crafts

I'd like to share a list of a few presentation crafts for you. These are the ideas I found as I was searching for crafts for my kids to do on the feast of Our Lord's Presentation and Candlemas Day (Feb 2). 

Here are the Presentation puppets I posted last year:
Click here to see this post 
And let the kids act out the story! ;-)
You may also like to use the above printable to create something like this:
Click here to read more

These are wonderful candles for kids! They won't burn themselves on them!!
Joy-Filled Family posted about these.
Go see her instructions to create your own.

Tiffany at Family at the Foot of the Cross posted about these.
I love how she added the infant Jesus to her candles.

Here's a fun candle craft from Our Domestic Church
Hop over and see the instructions for this beautiful candle!
I think I have a few kids hoping to make this one! ;-) 

This Mamma's got her eye on these lovely centerpieces!
This one's from Waltzing Matilda
And this one is from Under Her Starry Mantle

Here's a fun Candlemas Cake!
See the instructions to make this at Catholic Cuisine  

And Coloring pages!
These are a must around my house!
They help keep the little kids busy while I teach the bigger kids!
Sermons 4 Kids has a few good ones for the Presentation of Our Lord!
Here and Here

Go Check out all of Sermons 4 Kids Pages

Hope you have a blessed day!

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5 visitors left a comment:

Stephanie said...

Jennifer, these are a treasure! Thanks for posting them so far ahead of time. I am looking forward to doing a few of these. : )

Jennifer @ Catholic Inspired said...

Glad to help, Stephanie! I always want to post in advance, but life doesn't always give me the time! Hope you enjoy them!

Xhonane Olivas said...

Thank you Jennifer for this wonderful post! As all you do!! I just published about it at Familia Catolica:

Megan Rowett said...

love these ideas. in the past we have gone to Yankee candle to dip our own candles and made roll up beeswax candles. this year I am planning on trying to decorate pillar candles with sharpie marker/wax paper and heat gun method. And of course we then bring them to church to get them blessed.

Melanie Jean Juneau said...

well done, inspiring

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