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Thursday, January 30, 2014

Candlemas ~ The Presentation of our Lord ~ A list of Crafts

I'd like to share a list of a few presentation crafts for you. These are the ideas I found as I was searching for crafts for my kids to do on the feast of Our Lord's Presentation and Candlemas Day (Feb 2). 

Here are the Presentation puppets I posted last year:
Click here to see this post 
And let the kids act out the story! ;-)
You may also like to use the above printable to create something like this:
Click here to read more

These are wonderful candles for kids! They won't burn themselves on them!!
Joy-Filled Family posted about these.
Go see her instructions to create your own.

Tiffany at Family at the Foot of the Cross posted about these.
I love how she added the infant Jesus to her candles.

Here's a fun candle craft from Our Domestic Church
Hop over and see the instructions for this beautiful candle!
I think I have a few kids hoping to make this one! ;-) 

This Mamma's got her eye on these lovely centerpieces!
This one's from Waltzing Matilda
And this one is from Under Her Starry Mantle

Here's a fun Candlemas Cake!
See the instructions to make this at Catholic Cuisine  

And Coloring pages!
These are a must around my house!
They help keep the little kids busy while I teach the bigger kids!
Sermons 4 Kids has a few good ones for the Presentation of Our Lord!
Here and Here

Go Check out all of Sermons 4 Kids Pages

Hope you have a blessed day!

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  1. Jennifer, these are a treasure! Thanks for posting them so far ahead of time. I am looking forward to doing a few of these. : )

  2. Glad to help, Stephanie! I always want to post in advance, but life doesn't always give me the time! Hope you enjoy them!

  3. Thank you Jennifer for this wonderful post! As all you do!! I just published about it at Familia Catolica:

  4. love these ideas. in the past we have gone to Yankee candle to dip our own candles and made roll up beeswax candles. this year I am planning on trying to decorate pillar candles with sharpie marker/wax paper and heat gun method. And of course we then bring them to church to get them blessed.


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