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Saturday, February 02, 2013

Presentation of Our Lord - Decor! {Blessed Candlemas!}

I'm excited to share our Presentation decor! It's simple and frugal!
It cost me only four dollars. I love a good deal!  ;-)
The two doves, candles, and wreath were bought from the Dollar Tree. The greens were extras that I had from other projects. The Holy Family, Simeon, and Anna were from a printable found on our website - click here to visit our site.
I printed them onto stock paper and taped an opened paper clip to the back of each. The paper clip serves as a stand.  They only needed one paper clip; Anna needed two. I also glued Jesus into Simeon's arms. 

Our kids have been admiring it! And I'm pleased to have given the kids a faith-centered memory at such a cheap cost! ;-)

Hope you are having a blessed day!

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St. Valentine's Day is coming, too! 

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  1. As always, thank you for sharing your crafty ideas!! I so depend on people like you :)

  2. I second Patty! I too come over and look at all of your many fantastic ideas while I'm preparing my lessons! God bless!

  3. Thank you so much, ladies! I only wish I had more hours in a day so I could spend some time visiting you! You both have such wonderful blogs!


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