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Saturday, March 30, 2013

Toothpick Crosses {Fun, easy, and pretty!}

I already posted about this craft in our Good Friday post, but I wanted to share the finished crosses my kids made. They worked hard on these and they had a great time!
You will need:
  • black paper
  • toothpick (we cut/broke ours in half or smaller)
  • scissors
  • glue

To start this craft I recommend drawing a cross onto the paper for the kids to fill in, it makes it easier for them. Have the kids fill in a section of the drawn cross with glue and then cover the glue with toothpicks. Then move onto another section of the cross. Do this until the cross is covered. 
Allow the crosses to dry and then cut them out leaving a small black edge around the outside. 
Here are a few close-up pictures of a few crosses.

This craft was easy and they turned out to be a very nice cross to hang in the kids' bedrooms!
This project was inspired by Home Grown Learner post.
God bless!

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  1. Lots and lots of ideas here for the Children's Ministry in my community! Thank you! (o) Patsy from


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