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Monday, October 21, 2013

St. Christopher - Patron of Travelers ~ Costume

Here is Jacob dressed in his St. Christopher Costume.
There are several legends about St. Christopher including the one in which he was crossing a river when a child asked to be carried across. When Christopher put the child on his shoulders he found the child was unbelievably heavy. The child, according to the legend, was Christ carrying the weight of the whole world. This was what made Christopher patron saint of travelers. Read more here and here.

Our St. Christopher is wearing a brown robe with a fleece wrap. He has a walking stick with a travel bag tied to it. Baby Jesus is strapped to his back.
We used a tan, fleece scarf with an attached hood (like this one) to strap the doll to his back. The scarf ends were used as backpack straps and tied together in the back. Then we covered the straps with his brown robe and had baby Jesus and His pouch sticking out the back of the robe. 
He wore a robe like these robes:
(The robes with hoods might work to hold baby Jesus)

The fleece wrap was a scrap piece of material I bought and cut irregularly.
Our staff is just a long stick and the travel sack is a cloth handkerchief filled with paper napkins and tied with twine. 

I will be posting more costumes:

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