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Saturday, February 08, 2014

Attention Subscribers and an Update

I'm excited to tell all my subscribers about a new opportunity for you, but first I want to tell you about my surgery. 
 I have good news and bad news.
The good news is that the lump was only a cyst. They are testing it for cancer and we should have those results by this coming Friday. I'm not too worried about it since I had my ovary removed on that same side due to a painful, irregular cyst which was growing on it. (3 years ago) They had me tied in knots thinking it was cancer, so I feel a little safer this time - but maybe I shouldn't!  
Since this cyst was just under my skin and easy to get to, my recovery time will only be about two weeks. So that is all very good news! I'm not sure how happy that makes my kids, I think they were hoping for a longer vacation from homeschool!

On the down side, a cyst would't give me all those other symptoms which I have been having. So if my other symptoms persist I will need to get more testing done. (They are thinking it could be a polyp in my colon.) 
But for now I'm just hoping and praying the other symptoms will fade away. :-) 

To my subscribers:
Well, with all my sit down free time I finally had a chance to check my emails! And I see many of you are having a hard time getting into the subscribers only pages. That is because I don't post often enough to allow you all access to the subscribers button.
You see, if I don't post, you don't get emails. Which means you don't get access to the subscriber button.
 SOoooo that got me thinking, and since I have a lot of sit-time as I recover, I decided to try something different!

I have opened a members only site for this blog!

The awesome thing about this is that it's available anytime and you don't need to wait to get an email to see what's on it! And new subscribers have the downloads available as soon as they subscribe. So NO WAITING time!! Yahhh!! How awesome is that!

I do want to apologize to all my new subscribers who have been wondering "How do I download those Catholic Valentines?" 
To get the download, just sign-up for a membership using the email address you used to become a subscriber and then create a password. Once you are a member you'll have immediate access to the downloads (old and new)- anytime - all the time!

Click here to Join!!

I hope this works better for you all!
If you have any problems don't be afraid to ask. I want to be sure this is working for you all.

Thank you for all your prayers during this tough time!
Have a blessed day!


  1. Keeping your recovery - and results - in our hearts and prayers. Thanks for sharing your update, and enjoy what little bit of down time you get!

    1. Thank you so much, Jen! Honestly, I'm already starting to feel like I can't sit still! My "mom-on-the-go" attitude is NOT happy. [-(

  2. Checking in to see how you are doing...thank you for the update. Praying for all your symptoms to fade away...take care. Our Lady of Lourdes, pray for us! (ol)

    1. Hi Hand-Maid with Love, Thank you so much! I just remembered that my mom and dad went on a trip to Lourdes many, many, years ago. They brought back some water from Lourdes for me. Maybe I should be blessed with it on her feast day! I'm sure it can't hurt! Pray, for Mary's intersession! (8) (ol) (9)

  3. SO happy to see you blogging already this Sunday AM!!! Thought of you since Friday, Jen! Thanks for the update. Hang in there..we will keep praying.

    I LOVE the members on;y DL section. ( I thought it was me ---I could not get to the Valentines on Thursday when I read your blog....happy to be able to print them now!)
    Thanks for all your hard work and all the fun you provide for us!

    1. Hi Chris!
      Glad to be blogging! It's odd having so much sit down time. It sure has given me a chance to figure out how to fix the "members-only" problem! I hate to see so many people confused or frustrated. That was never my intent! I'm so glad to hear it's working for you!

      Thank you so much for all your prayers. I've learned to really appreciate a healthy body over the past few years and I hope to be back on top of things again soon - if that's God will. (g)
      Thank you, again!

  4. Jennifer, I am so sorry to hear you are dealing with all of this. I have been out of the blogging world for awhile, so I haven't been keeping up. I am praying for you, your health, and peace of mind in God's will in all things. I'll be offering my rosary today for you and all of your intentions. : )

    1. Hi Stephanie!!! I've missed you! Thank you so much for the prayers! I hope you and the family are all well! Thank you, again! You are so kind! Blessings to you and your family.

  5. I hope you will be better soon Jennifer!!! May God bless you!

    1. Oh, Xhonane, Thank you! (3) It's so nice to hear from you! We don't talk enough anymore! Blessings to you and your family!

  6. Happy to hear your recovery is going well. Parying that the answers you hear are all good. Thank you for continuing to provide wonderful Catholic learning experiences for children.

    1. Thank you so much, Marguerite. What blessing it is to have so many people praying for me! I am very blessed indeed!


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