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Thursday, October 30, 2014

St Rocco (Roch) Costume

Joshua is dressed as St. Rocco (AKA: St. Roch). 
To create this costume I used:
  • brown robe - like THIS or THIS  - OT is cheaper HERE
  • twine, rope, or other string
  • stuff dog - like THIS
  • walking stick with a small rag-sack tied to it (optional)

This costume is fairly simple to compile. It's just a brown robe tied at the waist and a stuffed dog. The walking stick is optional. Our's is just a straight stick with a white scrap piece of material tied to the top. It's filled with a few paper napkins to make it puff out. 
Really the dog is what makes the costume.
St. Rocco, pray for us.

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