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Monday, November 10, 2014

November 1st - 14th Saints {7 Liturgical Oranments)

Sorry I'm so late getting these out. The last two weeks have been very busy: doctor, dental, and orthodontist appointments, field trips, several sicknesses running through 9 kids (and mom and dad), and my oldest just had some wisdom teeth removed. Plus, with all my regular everyday mom/teacher stuff, things got very crazy!  Elizabeth and I just couldn't find time to create the ornaments, but Sunday was a nice quite day - as it should be! It was excellent stress-relief finally being able to craft again. :-) Here are the ornaments for November 1st to the 14th...

~Jennifer and Elizabeth

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  1. Just awesome! Love them all Jennifer and Elizabeth! It sounds like you have had alot going on and I'm just so amazed you still found the time (and energy) to craft! Thanks for blessing so many with your talents!

  2. Thanks, Tracy! It has been very busy here, but personally I find making things relaxing. Although, making the post for each one is not as much fun. I enjoy that part more when life is less hectic. :-)


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