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Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Easter Egg Flower Craft! Upcycle Old Plastic Eggs!

My oldest son, Jacob created an adorable bouquet of flowers for me! These flowers are made from plastic Easter eggs. The eggs give this colorful bunch of flowers a cute pop!

Supplies used:
  • colored construction paper
  • stiff cardboard - cereal box cardboard will work
  • plastic Easter eggs (bottom half only)
  • green pipe cleaners - AKA: chenille stems
  • glue stick
  • hot glue (adult supervision is required for younger children)
  • pencil
  • scissors
How to make them:
  1. Use a pencil and half-eggs to create a symmetrical flower shape on the colored construction paper. 
  2. With a glue stick, glue the colored paper flower onto the stiff cardboard. 
  3. Glue another sheet of the same color to the back of the cardboard - sandwiching the cardboard between the colored paper. 
  4. Cut out the flower shape.
  5. Hot glue the egg-bottom to the center of the flower. Add hot glue only to the inside edge of the egg. 
  6. Twist 3 or 4 green pipe cleaners (chenille) together to make a strong stem. 
  7. Hot glue one end of the pipe cleaner stem to the back-center of the flower. 
  8. That's it! Now make a few more to create a bouquet! 
Front of egg flower craft. 

Back of egg flower craft project.

This activity is a great way to recycle old plastic Easter eggs! 
The kids can make these crafts for Mother's Day or for Our Lady! 

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  1. Adorable!!! great idea!
    thx for sharing and for the tutorial !

    Jen, I used your Risen Jesus printable again this year!!!! thought of you and your family as I out together your creative Easter dessert this Sunday!

    Happy Easter, Jen...God Bless!

    1. Thanks Chris!
      I'm so glad you are still enjoying the dessert display! We are, too! :)
      God bless you and your family this Easter Season!


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