Tuesday, October 04, 2016

God's World of Animals - Easy Craft for Children - St. Francis Feast Day Fun!

The days get away from me and I can never seem to find a free minute to post here on the blog, but today I'm posting a quick and simple project that my 5 year old loved! We have been learning about animals - God's amazing creatures - so Caleb created this cute little world of animals craft!
And it was a great craft to make on St. Francis of Assisi's feast day! ;-)

ABC Learning Letters: G and W!
"G" is for God!
"W"  is for World!

To make this you will need:
  • Stock paper or light cardboard
  • crayons - green, blue and dark brown
  • small animal stickers
  • scissors
How to create it:
  1. Draw a circle on your paper/cardboard. If your animal stickers are larger make your circle larger and small animal stickers = small circle.
  2. Have the child draw a cross in the middle of the circle and color it brown. Then they can make outlines of land areas with a green crayon. They can then fill in the land with green and the water with blue.
  3. Now they can cut the circle out.
  4. Have them add land animal sticker to the green area and water animals to the blue area.
    That's it! So fun and easy!
My little guy loved it!

Hope you and your kids love it too!!

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