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Monday, January 20, 2020

St. Agnes - Coloring Page and Wordsearch Page - with Story!

St. Agnes' Feast day is January 21!

Today we have two printable pages to share with you! One is a coloring page and the other is a Wordsearch! Both have a short story about St. Agnes! This is a more "G" rated version of her life and is intended for younger children but is also great for any age!

St. Agnes was born in 291 A.D. in Rome, Italy. She was very beautiful and kind. Agnes loved Jesus and gave herself to Him. Because of this, she refused to marry. Many men wanted to marry her but after refusing them they accused her of being a Christian. At that time it was illegal to be Christian. After being arrested she was treated very badly but still remained faithful to Jesus and kind to her captors. She was later beheaded and died joyfully as a courageous martyr at the age of 13.

Feast Day: January 21
Patron saint of: Young girls, gardeners, engaged couples, those abused, and more.    
Symbol: lamb, palm branch 

The two printable pages can be download from our website!

I hope the kids enjoy them!
God bless!

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  1. Thank you so much!! What a special way to celebrate St. Agnes!


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