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  1. Jennifer, this is the first time I've come over to red about your lovely family! God has blessed you abundantly with family, friends; and gifts in faith formation, crafting, blogging! May God continue to bless you and your beautiful family!

  2. I love your big family and the way you two are raising your children! Yours are the types of kids I hope my sons become friends with out there in the world! I wish there were more people raising families like this. I don't homeschool, but we send the boys to a Catholic school, by the grace of God and financial aid! I couldn't imagine sending them to government schools where they would spend 8 hours a day never hearing about God. Thanks for the link up. I linked both my blogs. Have a great day. No need to respond! I just wanted to write a few words.

  3. Dear Jennifer, Soooo beautiful! God bless you and you are all in our prayers.

  4. Jennifer, I have "met" your family before by reading this About Me page, but I thought I would jump in and comment this time! You have a beautiful family and you know I just adore your love for our faith and your creativity! You truly do inspire me! Thank you and God bless you! :)

  5. On being Catholic its always the family which come first (for us in the East its a given). I have noticed this among you westerners (I mean the practicing ones). I came to your blog just googling for my wife's catechism class kids creation color story (we both are catechists in the Manama Church of the Sacred Heart of Jesus). In fifteen years you had 9 wonderful lovely kids. In 21 we have only 3. With all the attractions and temptations and no traditional baggage tied to you ankle you people from the west are free to choose a life of indulgence and yet you chose to live a life that is not normally trodden on in your part of the world. That is something refreshing and hope germinating for the Catholic Church there.
    Though it is not the Catholic version of the life that I am focused on or impressed upon but rather its the 'Catholic' version that is simply much closer to the identity of Christ the Son of the Living God than any of the other denominations.
    You showed it by adopting to 'Go forth and multiply and fill the earth' into practicing it in your life. And that many such practicing families turn out to be Catholic from your west says lot about being closer to that identity of Christ.
    God in His turn will have great purpose built for your children accordingly and they will all be great examples in their fields to humanity. God bless your family.

  6. Beautiful resource, and wonderful testimony. Thanks. and God bless ...

  7. You are so blessed in so many ways! Love your site...Now if only I could figure out how to download....always send me to purchase, Help! I teach 7th Grade CCE and need all the help I can get!

    1. Hello,
      I'm so sorry for the confusion. I'm working on making the free files easier to download, but for now you do need to "purchase" them. The system doesn't ask for payment information (other than an email and address).
      I hope the coming set-up will be easier for you and all our followers!
      It's time consuming work which I'm juggling between "mom-time"! :)
      Say a prayer for us! We can always use a little extra heavenly help!!
      Thank you and God bless!


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