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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

St. Anthony's Lost and Found Game

This game is fun for young and old!! The game players search through the beads in the container to find items, but they are not allowed to open the container!! It was addicting fun for everyone!
I made this using a large clear container, melting craft beads, and items to find.
You might be able to use a soda bottle, but a large jar with a wide mouth works best. The larger opening allows you to put larger items in. A large peanut butter jar might be good.

I filled the container half full of beads and I added items to find. I wrote down what the ltems were as I put them in the container.  I used things like charms and jewelry pins, fancy buttons, stationary supplies, craft supplies, sea shell, etc. Once you have everything in, seal the jar shut with tape or glue.

 I added about 60 items, some larger, some small.
 I made a check list of the items so the kids could see if they found everything.
This was a hit among the older kids!


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