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Monday, April 18, 2011

Good Friday Craft ~ Clothes-pin Crucifix

This children's craft project is a great craft for Holy Week and Good Friday.
It uses clothes pins to create Jesus and brown paper for the cross.

Clothes Pin Crucifix Craft

2 sheets brown construction paper
small 1 inch circle of yellow paper
small piece of white paper
3 clothes pins taken apart with metal center removed
tissue (1''x 2'' piece)
glue (white glue and/or hot glue)
colored pencils (brown, black, red and orange)


Fold the construction paper every 1 inch to make a flat 1'' x 9'' long stiff vertical cross section.
(Fold in one direction, not back and forth like a fan ~ It's like rolling up the paper but flattening the roll as you go.)
Tape the end of the paper to one of the flat sides. This side will be the back of the cross.
Cut the other piece of construction paper down to 9''x7''. Fold it like the first but to make a 1''x 7'' horizontal cross section.
With a brown crayon or colored pencil add some brown lines lengthwise to each section to create a wooden look to the paper cross parts. (This only needs to be done on the front of each cross part.)
Tape the two sections together on the back side to create a cross.

Glue two clothespin parts back to back to create Jesus body. Then add the two clothes pin parts to create his legs. (see image below) Hot-glue works best for this. White glue will work, but can be a more time consuming and difficult.

With the brown pencil draw hair on the head of Jesus. With black, add two lines for his eyes, a smaller line for his nose and a longer line for his mouth. Also, add over-lapping x's around his head to create a crown of thorns. Add some red for blood.

Cut out a small 1'' x 2'' piece of tissue to rap it around Jesus hips. Glue it on the back side.
Cut out a 1'' circle of yellow paper and color the outer edge with orange and glue it down at the center of the cross sections where the two parts intersect.
Glue Jesus body and legs to the cross placing his head at the center of the halo.
Add the arms to the cross as shown in the pictures.

Color some red on his feet and hands, then add a black dot for the nails.

With a black pencil write INRI on the white paper and draw a brown square shape around it. Cut it out and glue it to the top of the cross.

Your cross is complete!

You can tape a looped string to the back to hang it up.
Or just use some sticky puddy or double sided tape.
God Bless!


  1. We crafted something similar to this last year-- so fun and a great reminder for the children!

  2. i love this idea! I am thinking of doing this with my fourth grade REP class. They get so excited when we do crafts! So much different than my sons who groan when they see the art supplies come out... lol

  3. Thanks for adding this to my link party. My Jr. High Ministry would enjoy making this. I'm going to try it next Lent.


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