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Saturday, March 31, 2012

Pictures of Our Lent / Holy Week / Easter Cross

To make our cross we used a few old wood pieces we had laying around our house. With our house under constant remodel, finding wood is easy! For those of you who are luck enough to have a completed house, you could buy some thin lattice strips or other pieces of wood at your local lumber store. (But not Home Depot, since they give money to the homosexual agenda!)  My  "Handy-Hubby" used two small screws to attach ours together, but if you don't have a "handy-significant-other" string wrapped in a criss-cross pattern  at the center should work, if tied tight!

Our Lenten Cross looks like this all Lent until Palm Sunday.
I used a purple robe from our nativity costumes to drape over the cross, and I made a paper Crown of Thorns.
For the instructions to make a paper crown of thorns click here.

Palm Sunday
Again I used a robe from our nativity costumes(I love to recycle!)
The palm is paper. Click here for instruction on cutting a palm.

Spy Wednesday
I used glitter foam to make a blue bag with silver coins. 
I also added a black string to the bag.

Holy Thursday
Using glitter foam I made a chalice and host.
I know this is not what Jesus would have had, but I wanted my kids to realize that Holy Thursday was the first Mass. 

Good Friday
I added a large black scarf, three red drops and a red slit (cut from red glitter foam) and I added the paper crown of thorns.

Holy Saturday
It's empty

Here I used another robe, and a bunch of fake lilies
If you would like to make your own paper lilies click here.

Okay, That's a lot of pictures!! 
Hope that explain it all! 
Have a meaningful Passion Sunday and Holy Week, and a wonderful Easter!
God Bless.


  1. This is great! I'm a little behind, but I wish I could do this for this week.

  2. Heather, I understand being behind!! I wanted to get this posted more than week ago! Have a blessed Holy Week and enjoy the beauty of Easter!

  3. excellent ideas..thanks for sharing!!


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