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Saturday, January 05, 2013

Lots of Epiphany Crafts and Ideas!!

Here are a some Wisemen Activities and Ideas
Most of these are printable, a few are not.

First Palette has the temples for these Wisemen

Here is a crown your kids can make and wear!
Go to DLTK for the instructions
I liked these, they are nice and easy! ;-)

DLTK also has a 3D star project:

DLTK has this cute Three Wise Men Song, too!

We always give our kids little gifts on the Epiphany.
So I thought these were a cute and easy idea from kristalcoles.com

This cute craft idea came from: Mollie's Mom
I gotta try this!!

About.com has this great coloring page

Here's a coloring page form Sermons 4 Kids
They have a great selection of coloring pages 
Be sure to stop by and see them all!
The Wisemen page is here.

Making Learning Fun has these pages:

Dibujos Para Pintar has these coloring pages: 

Here's a fun maze from Life of a Catholic Teen

Here is a easy crown craft from our blog:

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