Tuesday, February 05, 2013

Rosary Prayer Sheets! {Great for Kids and Teens}

I made a few sheets to help my kids during our Rosary. (I'm always trying new things to keep them interested) These are sheets to use as you pray.
Print them out and laminate them (or use plastic sheet covers).  Then the kids can use them to follow along as they pray. They can use a dry erase marker to fill in the rosary beads on the sheet as they pray each prayer.

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Dry-erase should wipe off the laminated sheets and the sheet covers -if you have problems with stubborn dry-erase marker that doesn't want to come off, try to wipe it off with rubbing alcohol and a tissue.

Hope this helps your quest for a more meaningful Rosary!
God Bless,

Read more about our Family Rosary here.

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12 visitors left a comment:

Bridget Green said...

LOVE IT!!! I keep meaning to print up simple flash card style pictures to laminate and connect with O rings for the kids to use for the mysteries. I still will, but these will help until I have the time for that (you know, when the baby is a little older than 8 weeks) :) Thanks!

Jennifer @ Catholic Inspired said...

Hi Bridget! I've actually done something that. I used one of those small cheap Rosary books. I cut the pages off the binding, laminated them and put them on a O ring. It helped to presurve the pages from the wear and tear of kids! :-)
The book I used was the mini book I have listed in my Tips and Tricks page: http://www.catholicinspired.com/2013/02/tips-and-tricks-for-praying-family.html
I'm glad you like these pages! Blessings to you and your family!

martha unavidaenconstrucc said...

great idea! I will love this in spanish. Or maybe can I inspire in this ones to make my own in spanish? blessings.

JoshEWEa said...

What a great list of ideas for the family rosary time! We've done or do most of your suggestions, but I WILL add your beautiful sheets to our approach. I love it that you can fill in the rosary bead as you go along! One other thing I've done with particularly wiggly little ones is to print a coloring page of the saint of the day. They could spend the beginning time coloring the sheet - no talking! - it helped them to transition into a quieter mood. When finished they joined us quietly on the couch nearby. ~ Michaeleen with JoshEWEa's Garden

melody said...

Really cute idea! Now I really wish I had a color printer. ("But honey... ALL the Catholic moms have them!!!") :)

Cecilia Escobedo said...

Yes, this are great. Thank you.

Elisa said...

I'm looking forward to trying these. We are hoping to pray the rosary more during Lent (and hopefully beyond).

Chip said...

This is beautiful. Think I'll be printing this out for my Little Flowers club.

Jennifer @ Catholic Inspired said...

Thanks so much! I hope you all enjoy them! Blessings!+JMJ+

KK said...

Hello, I'm from Brazil and i'm loving it your blog, it's been so helpfull!! I'm new at this, so i'm learning a lot about what can I do for the kids. You have a wonderful gift! =D

Monika said...

Hello, Jennifer :) I'm Monika from Indonesia... I'm very glad to find your blog. It's been so helpfull when I'm preparing activity for sunday school. Thanks.... God bless you abundantly...

Birgit Jones said...

I linked this to a blog post I posted today called, 'Sometimes the Rosary is All You Need'. Love the idea of reusable, color as you pray sheets!


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