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Tuesday, March 18, 2014

St. Joseph Coloring Pages and Activities

Here is a quick list of St. Joseph coloring pages, crafts, and ideas!

Activity Villages has these "Learn to Draw" pages:
See them Here and Here

evangelizacioncatolica.org has this page.
Click here to see it.

Super Coloring is offering these pages:
Here and  Here

transmettre.fr has these two coloring pages:
Bottom of the page Here and second row Here

I found these beautiful coloring pages at

St. Joseph is the patron of the Catholic church so I thought this was appropriate!
It's a printable 3D model of the Basilica of Saint Peter!
It's a great project for older kids!
Click here to see more about this free printable!

Virtual St. Joseph Altar has a free 3D St. Joseph altar you can print, color, cut, and create!

Ideas from Catholic Inspired

Take a look at our St. Joseph Felt Statue Tutorial 

See how to make a St. Joseph image on wood.

St. Joseph Chore Chart

St. Joseph's Flowering Staff and Story

Click here to learn how to make a St. Joseph's Altar!!
Click here to see our altar in 2014

Wood and Saw Cake
  Click Here

Another coloring page by my daughter: Click Here

More reading on St. Joseph: Click Here

Make some lilies from paper plates: Click Here

Have a blessed St. Joseph's Feast day!!

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