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Sunday, April 13, 2014

A Few Ways to Braid Palms...

Here are a few traditional ways to braid palm branches.
(These are links to past posts.)

The 2-Part Braid
It looks like 4 but really it's made with 2 parts.
View a past post and instruction video HERE.

Crown of Thorns made from a Palm
You can also make a crown of thorns with a palm branch.
(using half the "sword" as I did in the 2-part braid video). 
This is the same technique as the Paper Crown of Thorns, click here to see that post. The only difference is you tie the two ends together.

4-Square Braid
You also might like to see this post on how to make a 4 square braid

**Note: Please don't throw the scrap pieces into the trash!! They are blessed! The proper way to dispose of them is to bury them, burn them, or return them your church so they can burn them and use them next Ash Wednesday.

After you have braided your palms place them at your family altar or use them as decorations around your home.

Storing palms until you can braid them
If you can't braid your palms within an hour or two after Mass, place your palms in a zip-loc bag with a tablespoons of  water, seal it, shake it, and place it in the fridge. That will keep it from drying out until you can get to braiding it! They should keep that way for a few days.

Have a blessed Palm Sunday

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